Make Sure Your Mortgage Calculator Shows You Costs beyond Principal and Interest

 Consumers go out of their way to look for deals and cut costs, but when it comes to real estate, we often suppose it is a good purchase without looking at the extra costs. Those costs can truly add up to thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your loan. Use a mortgage calculator that crunches these statistics.

These are also known as PITI calculators. PITI stands for Principal, Interest, fees, and insurance. Beyond loan repayments, these calculators tell you how much you will pay in property taxes on time and exactly how much insurance can cost you over time.

(When you have mortgage insurance, make sure to add that to your insurance charges when you use the mortgage calculator.

Here are some tools, including a PITI Calculator that will give you a much better overall financial picture if you are considering buying a home:

  • Bankrate’s PITI Calculator
  • The NY Times Lease vs. Buy Calculator
  • Smart Asset’s Shutting Cost Calculator

Your research will include tools like these, however, not be limited to them. For more information on mortgage loan shopping with calculators, check out the CFPB’s full post on the matter at the hyperlink below.

How Much Loan?

Based on your existing and future finances, you can ascertain the amount of loan you shall be eligible for, using mortgage calculators. You can also arrive at the monthly instalment amounts for the loan taken, and you can check if you can make such payments.

What Form of Loan?

Most popular types of mortgages are fixed rate and interest only mortgages. While a fixed rate mortgage amortises over time, interest only loans require you to pay only interest portion on loan. Each of these loans entails distinct calculations regarding your monthly outflows and hence using loan calculators assist you to analyse which form is more suitable for you.

Which Mortgage Lender?

You can compare the interest rates, costs, fees, monthly instalment amounts to be paid to various lenders, thereby enabling you to choose the most suitable lender.

How Much Equity?

As a norm, most mortgage lenders tend to lend up to 80% of the value of the property and the balance 20% you put in your equity. By using mortgage loan calculators, you can arrive at the amount required for your investment and plan your finances accordingly. Visit this site :

Using a mortgage calculator is very simple. You will have just to fill in the loan amount required, the amortisation tenure and the probable interest rate. After deducting your equity from the value of the home, you can arrive at the loan amount, amortisation tenure is usually 30 years, and interest rates can be obtained from various mortgage lenders websites. Based on the above details, the calculator gives you the estimated monthly payments to serve your mortgage.

Though mortgage calculator enables you to have a basic understanding of your mortgage; it does not give a precise amount of monthly instalment. Your mortgage lender might charge you a different interest rate based on your credit rating, and also other expenses and fees are not considered by the calculator.

By using a mortgage loan calculator, you can decide on the most suitable mortgage lender Canadian mortgage calculator and simplify the process of home loans.